deadpool-black-face-shell-interchangable-eye-pieces-3d-printable-model-print-file-stl-by-do3d-com-02deadpool-helmet-face-shell-3d-printable-model-print-file-by-do3ddeadpool-face-shell-interchangable-eye-pieces-3d-printable-model-print-file-stl-by-do3d-comdeadpool-3d-printed-mask-printable-print-model-file-stl-by-do3d-interchangeable-eye-expressionsdeadpool 3d printable mask demonstration how to change the eyesdeadpool 3d printable mask with different eye set by do3d 01deadpool-face-shell-heart-eye-3d-printable-model-print-file-stl-by-do3d-comdeadpool-eye-3d-printable-model-print-file-stl-by-do3d-comDo3D-3D-Printable-Deadpool-face-shell-helmet-mask-stl-print-file-printed-07deadpool-black-face-shell-interchangable-eye-pieces-3d-printable-model-print-file-stl-by-do3d-comdeadpool-black-face-shell-interchangable-eye-pieces-3d-printable-model-print-file-stl-by-do3d-com-01Do3D-3D-Printable-Deadpool-face-shell-helmet-mask-stl-print-file-printed-08Do3D-3D-Printable-Deadpool-face-shell-helmet-mask-stl-print-file-printed-05Do3D-3D-Printable-Deadpool-face-shell-helmet-mask-stl-print-file-printed-04Do3D-3D-Printable-Deadpool-face-shell-helmet-mask-stl-print-file-printed-06Do3D-3D-Printable-Deadpool-face-shell-helmet-mask-stl-print-file-printed-03Do3D-3D-Printable-Deadpool-face-shell-helmet-mask-stl-print-file-printed-01Do3D-3D-Printable-Deadpool-face-shell-helmet-mask-stl-print-file-printeddeadpool 3d printable mask modeldeadpool-3d-print-mask-eye-by-do3d-03deadpool render.147deapool-3d-printable-mask-by-do3ddeadpool-3d-print-mask-eye-by-do3d-01deadpool-3d-print-mask-eye-by-do3d

3D Printable Model: Deadpool Mask Faceshell with 6 interchangeable pieces of eye expressions | Print File Format: STL

Project Summery

  • Proper wall thickness
  • Optimal geometry for high quality 3D printing
  • Accurate details
  • Comprehensive video tutorial

For more info, contact

Special thanks to the following users for the amazing built/printed photos!
Adam Ashe, Anthony Saldana, Robert Schneider

Product Description

Why 3D printable models? (Deadpool Faceshell)

Many people are switching from foam build (pepakura models) to 3D printed models because they are simply more durable and long-lasting. Our highly detailed models can be 3D printed into realistic wearable props! These 3D printed costumes can look very authentic and therefore impress everyone at a cosplay show (Comic con) or a Halloween party! To make the file compatible with many printers, we have converted our models into multiple formats such as obj and stl.

3D Printing Tips

The current model is created for a 6′ tall person but you can re-scale the model using any FREE 3D modeling applications such as meshmixer, cura or netfabb. These software help you repair and close small holes on the model and cut/slice the model into small pieces according to your printer’s build volume. You can find many free video tutorials on YouTube.

Since every 3D printer and brand has different specs, you need to slice the file according to your build volumes.

According to our test, the total cost of material/plastic for a whole helmet was $10.06. (500 g used at $20.13/kg)
We hope this information is useful to plan out your project.

About Do3D

We are a team of 3D modelers with 15 year experience. If you have any questions about our 3D models, email Thank you.


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